About us
Starting in 1981, I worked with Richard Sleeman (of ‘Sarastro’ fame) around London for 5 years before daring to set off on my own. He’s a man who, having the urge to create something in any material, goes and does it. Beyond the bare skills that I learnt, this is the imprint left by my dear friend. A major influence on both our lives came from travelling in Turkey with the ottoman bey Bulent Rauf, and being exposed to esoteric teachings.
Having lived in several different countries, I settled in 2004 in Udaipur, Rajasthan, a beautiful ‘lake city’ set amongst the world’s largest marble deposits, replete with good craftsmen. Enough.
Besides my working life, I love to spend time with my son Ravi; drink Turkish coffee; be in good company followed by solitude; and to write advaitic nonsense.
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